Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finally - A Pregnancy Update!

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby is the size of a: pomegranate

Gender: girl

Due date: July 26, 2016

Symptoms: I've been having some serious heartburn pretty regularly and I've probably been a little more emotional than usual but otherwise, I can't complain.

Nursery Progress: We made some major moves in this department over the past two weeks and it feels really good. We decided a while ago that we would need to convert our guest room to a nursery. Only problem with that was we were using our guest room to store everything we didn't have space for otherwise. Between all the items we needed to sort through, get rid of, give away, sell and the baby items we were already starting to accumulate, I couldn't think about that room without feeling completely anxious. I knew if we waited much longer to tackle that project, Jonathan would start getting busy at work and soon enough my energy wouldn't be where it is now. Luckily a few weekends ago, we both had the motivation to get it done and not only did we clear out the room, we also painted the room and purchased the glider the same day! The crib came today and I believe the dresser is being delivered tomorrow. Once those pieces are put together, we can chill out for a bit before we do too much more.

Appointments: We had our anatomy scan at 19 weeks and the doctor said everything looked great! She was in a bit of a weird position, so they had a hard time measuring her spine which just means I go back in a few weeks so they can try again. I can't complain about that -- love getting a glimpse of our girl in there.

Name: We've been settled on a first name since we started talking about having kids but last night we committed to a middle name, too. I'll share the full name here soon enough!

Looking forward to: Spending time with my older sister and her sweet kiddos next week then hosting Easter brunch for the 3rd year in a row. It's going to be a good week!

Exciting moments this week: Deciding together on her full name. I cried, obviously. Also, psyched to be putting the finishing touches on our registries. We spread out the items across Buy Buy Baby, Target and Amazon and I'm glad we did. Having so many options helped me choose what I felt were the perfect items for our girl and I had so much fun doing that. Another exciting moment: upgrading to my new mom ride! Knowing in just a few months I'll be toting around a little one along with all of the necessities and probably also our large, furry pup, we started to think we better move from my Nissan Sentra to something a little bigger. I'm pretty excited to tote around our little family in this and I feel a huge sense of pride knowing we were able to do this without going into debt. It makes it that much more exciting for us!

We're more than halfway to baby and while I can't wait to hold our sweet girl, I am truly enjoying this incredible time. I love being pregnant. This bump is a dream come true and sharing this time with Jonathan is an experience my heart can't even handle sometimes. It's too much in the very best way possible.


  1. Yay! You're looking great. We really need to get started on our nursery, but we have a few big things we're waiting on.